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    Hire our skilled team of blogger professionals to take your brand to the next level. Learn more about our services and contact us to get started today!

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BloggerPR is made up of 500 professional bloggers with a wide spectrum of niche blogs ranging from parenting blogs, foodies, DIY/craft blogs, dad blogs, deals & coupons, and so much more. Whether you are looking to hire a team of bloggers for a seasonal brand ambassadorship, product review, giveaway, or Twitter Party, BloggerPR can devise a strategic social marketing plan to help increase your online presence overnight!

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Developed in January 2012, BloggerPR instantly took off and became a strong foundation for newbie bloggers and professional full-timers looking for a solid structure to network and grow. With a basic understanding of blogging, we believe that anyone can succeed in the industry once they put their mind to it. BloggerPR is about learning to grow and growing with friends. Join our team and watch your blog spark with excitement!

Upcoming Events

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Are you looking to increase traffic for an upcoming giveaway you are hosting? Bloggers are invited to join us for one of our upcoming giveaway hop events. These events guarantee tremendous reach and growth -- and they are always free to join! BloggerPR giveaway hops never require any pre-event requirements, such as a sidebar button or promo post. Participants are only asked to post on time and include our event buttons. Fun, easy, and the benefits are superior to say the least!